Children and the Food they Eat

The relationship of a human with the food starts from the childhood itself. The time of breast feeding of the mother gives the initiation of the relationship of the food from the baby timings. The interaction of children with the food is based on the likes and dislike they have but the likes can lead to the realization of heavenly experience. The oral stimulation and sucking of the food is the way in which children get first interacted with the food. The parents should be so enthusiastic to make children familiar with the different tastes and flavours of food around them.

The way in which the food has to be eaten also should be communicated to the children. What parents teach and practice is the lesson for children so that the parents should give special importance to what they make the children to learn. It is also significant to be noted that the chewing skills of children also has to be enhanced in the early stage of childhood so that only the way in which each food item has to be eaten is well realized by the children which helps them in the future.

The passion and desire of children to the food is expressed in the childhood itself which is evident form the interested they sow for cooking. Whoever cooks from the childhood is undoubtedly willing to be a food lover or a cook. The meal times, table manners also have to well train so that the children come in connection with the society with these types of matters. The handling of food is the next thing that the children should learn since the presentation of food and way in which they are consumer also differs from food to food and places to places.

The utensils and other accessories used to have food also should be communicated to the children so that they do not confused how to have the food in front of them. They should be exposed to all the things and activities related to having food in the family. This includes the way in which the food has to be arranged in the table and also the setting of table for the family. The interest of children to get into the management of hotel as well as the cooking profession also gets kindled from these types of experiences they get from the families.

Elder children can be a involved in the shopping of ingredients itself so that they will be aware of the various factors affecting eating and food like pricing, availability etc. the preparation and cooking also should be made so open to the children which makes them feel so interested to the food.

The way in which children get connected to the food starts from the early stages of their childhood like breast feeding. Later they are exposed to various types and ways of food a food habits so that the portents have to train them to a large extent to get the right results.