Effect of Right Consumption of Food

The powers of food consumption are numerous only when the right amount of food is taken. When a drug is injected or taken to a body the right effect of the dug comes properly on if the sufficient food is taken. Otherwise the drug becomes not able to perform in the expected manner. Here arises the question of connection of food and drug consumed. It is all connected with the nervy for the body to make the drug faction in the right manner. The internal organs want the drug to perform in the right manner only if they have the ability to do so.

The accommodation of the drug is the first step by the body where the internal organs have to take an important step. Later the metabolizing of the drug also has to be done with the help of the energy that the internal organs get from the food. The action of the drug fist of all has to be done so that only the metabolizing can be taken place. The disease which cannot be overcome since the action of drugs cannot be taken includes tuberculosis, sunstroke, gastric ulcers, diseases caused to skin, pains of muscles and many more.

The medical practitioners itself ask the patient to take sufficient food in case of the diseases like this. That explains the impact of not having the food so that the patients take special care to fill them with right amount of food. Next, the nature in which the drug is made is the factor that determines the importance of food. There are many drugs and medicines which are made in such a way that they are soluble in oil only. Thus the need of fatty foods is there for these kinds of oil soluble drugs.
Many problems are caused due to the unbalanced diet during the consumption of certain drugs which have to be properly looked after by the patient. The sufficient diet may be prescribed by the doctor but in case of no the patient should be aware about that. On the other hand, this can lead to accumulation of drug instead of action, no reaction to drug or resistance to drug by the microbes in the body and many more effects. The scientific reason behind this process is that the food is an inducer of enzyme which helped the internal organs to do their duties at the right time.

The amount opt enzymes should be released in the right amine with the help of food taken by the patient. These enzymes are used for the metabolizing of the toxic drugs. With the completion of this step the drugs becomes more soluble in water so that it can be excreted in the urine.
The connection of food with the right functioning of drugs a patient takes during the healing process is so important. Since the food is a producer of enzyme the medicines work with the internal organs only if the sufficient amount of food is taken.