How Food and Existence are Connected?

The most essential elements that maintain the existence of a living being are air, watered and food. Thus a person who lives without food is not a possible imagination though certain days can be passed even without having food, but only air and water. One of the major attractive features of food that makes it very different from air and ware is that it contains many nutrition’s and essential components which provide health to the living beings. It includes carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals and many more. So the existence of a living being and food are connected so deeply.

The sustenance of health is the major function of food which also enables the body of the living being to get the other necessary elements of existence. It is also important to be noted that the forms of food is the next matter of concern which has become a significant reason for health issues. The food is consumed in the form of grains, pulses, fruits, vegetables, oils, meat and many more other items. How many of the common people are aware of the importance of form or type of food consumed is a matter of discussion with great importance.

It is a common fact that the nervy for the existence is also produced from the food that one living being intake. All the nervy from the food items are utilized by the body by conveying it into simpler substances. The body is a well structured machine which does all these kind sofa activities. The fuel for the machine is the food so that the regular intake with high quality can only give the best results from the machine that is the body. The shape and form of the body is also achieved with the help of food that we eat.

All the activities done by the body takes place with the help of energy which is achieved from the food items. Thus it is not only related to the process of digestion but also all the other biological process. The tissues and cells of the body get their shape with the help of amino acids which is created from the proteins from the food. Thus it is important for the living being especially human beings to be very selective about the food products they eat. The health is highly connected with the body building processes.

The gym instructors strictly advice the persons who come to gym to consume the food items which are rich in proteins and minerals like pulses, milk, egg, fruits, vegetables, egg and many more so that the right health maintenance can be achieved. This is very important for the right balance of utilization of energy and consumption of food.

The existence of all living brings especially human beings are highly connected with the tripe of food they consume. The proteins, minerals, carbohydrates and fats required for the right maintenance of health and diet are consumed by the body from the food item that one person intake.