Portion Control in 2019: Getting The Most From Your Meals

Portion control doesn’t have to be a tough and arduous task for 2019 consumers.

Being healthy and food conscious is already a great starting point, but eating well is as much to do with how much you eat as what you eat.

Here we will look at some of the most effective strategies to staying on top of this domain without being concerned about unhealthy eating from one meal to the next.

Use The Same Plates and Bowls Across Meals

One of the best portion control methods that anyone can use is to stick to the same dimensions when serving your meals. If the food appears small on a large plate, that does not equate necessarily to a small meal – just an overtly large plate. Ensure that the plates and bowls are appropriately measured so that the food does not appear out of proportion. It becomes a confusing exercise when there is a wide variety of sizes and styles.

Stock Up On Vegetables

Sometimes there is just no letting up with a big appetite, but rather than feeding the beast with copious amounts of pasta and meats, a good portion control trick is to fill up on vegetables. This is a simple step for vegetarians who already preface these foods over meats but complimenting a dish with mushrooms instead of pork or using broccoli and spinach for that fresh green flavour can really do wonders for staying on top of the calorie count.

Drink Water Beforehand

There are a number of elements that can create hunger cravings that are outside of pure food intake, and one of those surrounds water consumption. To better manage your portion control needs, it is strongly recommended to have a big glass of water to offset some of the hunger and to minimise the belly’s capacity to go all in on the cuisine straight away. A related trick that individuals can use is to embrace soups for entrees, lowering the calorie count and still receiving some sustenance beforehand.

Don’t Rush Your Eating

It takes the body time to register when it is feeling full, so the more you feed yourself in those initial 5-10 minutes leaves less room for error. Portion control is all about enjoying your food and operating with a healthy metabolism. If you rush the exercise, it won’t leave you time to actually enjoy it and it will create difficulties with digestion.

Don’t Mix Eating With Entertainment

In 2019 it is very easy to lull yourself into a routine where streaming movies, television programs and YouTube videos becomes part and parcel of enjoying breakfast, lunch and dinner. When the lines between these two activities are blurred, you feel more empowered to extend your eating for the duration of the entertainment. Try and set aside meal time for just that, sitting down with friends, family members, colleagues or enjoying other activities like reading a newspaper or listening to a podcast to avoid that visual distraction.

Be a Conscious Consumer At The Shopping Isles

It takes time and effort to venture down to the supermarket to stock up on groceries, so many of the portion control objectives can be met just by being a smart and conscious consumer down the isles. If you have the right amount of fruits, vegetables, rice, pasta, sauce, meats and a variety of other necessary ingredients for the week, then half of the battle is already won.


Stick to these guidelines and principles to stay on top of your portion control targets. By applying some commonsense and remaining disciplined with shopping and serving, this is an activity that can be easily managed by anyone regardless of their budget.