Question is, Food or No Food?

Food is the fuel for our body. We all know this thing from our very childhood days. And we know the proper food taking timings as in breakfasts, lunch, dinner, and etcetera. Who cares whether we are really hungry or not? What we normally do is just to wait for the correct timing of the very next food intake. But nowadays just like the delicious food recipes, fasting or the no-food challenges are trending. Fasting is simply the period of zero food intakes. During fasting hours no solid food is consumed though liquids are allowed to consume.

Fasting is no foreign to us the Asians. There was even a tradition of fasting for us. Most of our religions do fasting in their different festive seasons. Thus it is very clear that it has got something significant and magical as its own. Fasting helps to detoxify the body. We know that most of the time we are busy consuming food for no reason. But in fasting the resting period of our body especially digestive tracks are highly respected. So it gives a break to the digestive tracks to heal any of its defects. It gives the organs to be back on track by its own.
There are many kinds of fasting nowadays. Some are with even no liquids while other fasting highly recommends the water intake whereas some allow the intake of juices and other liquids. It simply aims at a NO to solid foods. Even if liquids are allowed, for the best of its result it should all be natural. It is true that even if the market assures the product is hundred percentages natural, we all know that it is two hundred percentages a lie. Therefore it is a fact that we end up having a lot of chemicals in the name of food.

There is nothing as natural and fresh as our homely foods. Even the water we get from outside is not pure to its fullest. Thus fasting helps our body to be free from these toxins. Detoxifying can be done very effectively with either water fasting or even by fresh juice fasting. So that we can ensure our body is not consuming any toxins from outside. Our body has got the ability to maintain itself or to get repaired by itself, though with the high intake of these non-stop toxins, gradually we will lose this magical ability.

It is never too late to change. It is our body and we have got the full responsibility over it. Once in a while it is highly recommended to detoxify our body. It can be done either by fasting or by the intakes of fresh natural foods.

Junk food should be eliminated from our lists completely for the best results. Fasting also ensures a healthy state of mind. It helps in achieving a positive tension free state of mind. Thus by taking proper care of both the body as well as the mind, we can ensure a healthy lifestyle.