Right Balance of Life from Food

What is eating? All type of consumption of food and liquid for the body can be termed as eating. What is the importance of food is the energy that all the living beings get for the sustaining of life in the healthy condition. The growth, development and function of the body are not an easy task if the food is not consumed in the right way. Even the basic needs of the body can only be done if the energy from food is acquired at the right intervals of time. The calories that the body needs depend on the individual.

It is a widely accepted fact that the cells and tissues of the body are badly in need of the nutrition’s and proteins from the food. This can only help them to get the sustain the energy level so that the nutrients is passed to the patients those who cannot have direct food by using the tube feedings. The major effects of food and eating in the human beings rather than on any other living beings are

  1. Love
  2. Sensuality
  3. Comfort
  4. Reduction of stress
  5. Security
  6. Reward
  7. Power

The controlling of emotions is highly possible with the practice of having food. This is something that happened with all of us at one or the other time so that it has become something which is accepted by the people around the world. The comfort that people get through having food is also something noteworthy.

The satisfaction of desires is the next factor which is acquired by the food since the right balance of life is also maintained. In fact what people like to eat is something totally depended on the individual. The tastes and flavours of food differs which attracts the people in different ways. This is so important to be noted that the choices of food changes which result in various food habits. This is the point that decides the healthy practices of having food. If unhealthy habits of food are maintained by the people, it can cause very harmful effects on the balance of life.

The past experience we get from the food is the major reason why people go after food. There are many types of food that we eat and some of them only attract us for long time. This is due to the variations in the taste buds and choices that each of us have. Thus the selection of the food has to be made in reference to the needs and preferences of the one who eats that. But the selection must be made on the healthy way so that no harmful effects are caused.

The major importance of food on the balance of life of a person is that the comfort, passion and desire to the life are increased in such a way that the stressful situations can be easily managed. The food can also help to get the right results of efficiency in all levels of performance.