Why Food is Very Important for Human Body?

Why we live is to have food. In fact there are some people with this motive. But it is common that all of us live to get the earning and with that money we buy the food. The running of the body has to be properly maintained do that only all the activities can be done. The daily functions that a person has to do are numerous. Thus it is very clear that we eat to live. The nutrition needed for getting the energy is also as important as the eating of food. So it is very significant for the people to select the right type of food.

Eating all types of food will not work for getting thru nutrition. But the right type and food items with heavy nutriments can help to get the energy without harming any of the other bodily performances. This is important since the taking of certain food items can result in some bad consequences of body. The most common and available categories of food are non- vegetarian and vegetarian food. The first includes milk, fruits, vegetables and all the other products from the plants which are totally herbal in nature.

The latter includes the meat and all other products from meat so that the animals are slaughtered from the farm or forest. It includes chicken, turkey, duck, fish, seafood etc. the survival is the most important benefit of having food because the life has to be maintained with three basic elements that are air, food and water. To perform the routine functions of one person he needs sufficed energy and ability which can be acquired only from the food that we eat. It is also noteworthy that the food products of each kind give different kinds of nutrition for the body.

The nutrition that we get from the food can be divided are noted here. It includes:

  1. Carbohydrates: found in rice, bread and all other products of grains. The energy is retained from the food they eat.
  2. Fats: these compounds are not soluble of water. The common food items in which the fats are produced are butter, ghee, fish oil, lard etc. it is also important to be noted that fats are stored in the body for the later use. Thus when there is a need of energy the fats which are stored in the body is used.
  3. Minerals: all the normal actions of the body as a machine are done by the minerals from the food items. It includes the oxygen transportation throughout the body, stimulation of growth, functions of the nervous system and many more. The food items in which the minerals are found includes meat, cereals, milk etc.

The food is so basic and essential for the working of the human body which is so important for the daily functions of all the human beings. The different compounds that are present in the food includes fats, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and mint more which are particularly present in the food items.